Feedback profile

Feedback is a system on eBay that (currently) allows a buyer to post a comment about a seller.This “Feedback rating” comment is limited to a fixed number of characters [to be edited with an exact answer in the future] and can be in the form of a “Positive“, “Neutral” or a “Negative“.

Feedback profile -> Recent Feedback ratings

Recent Feedback ratings highlighted on the left by the blue box.

Next to a sellers user name is a number with ()s around it, and maybe a star next to it. That number is the sellers overall feedback score.

You can check out some of my Feedback profile here, where you can view some of the 48000+ in feedback I’ve earned.

Next the upper left of that page is a “Recent Feedback ratings (last 12 months)” both that breaks down a sellers feedback over the past 1, 6 and 12 months in detail as to the number of each of the 3 ratings noted above.

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