eBay Feedback Numbers

On eBay Buyers and Sellers earn a “feedback score”,it’s a number that is the sum of all the positives transactions, and minus all the negative ones. It can only be effected once per transaction partner.

Feedback profile as of today (07/13/17)

  • Current Feedback score: 43,092.
    (from unique users)
  • Total Feedback scores received: 48,148.
  • 5,056 repeat users*, less any negatives.
    A user can only effect another users score by 0, 1, or -1, scores are not cumulative.
    *Any Negatives offset this number.
  • Feedback received as a Seller41,263.
  • Feedback received as a Buyer: 320.
  • Feedback left of others58,023.
  • Transaction done: 48,367*.
    *(As shown in my Seller Dashboard)

Some quick numbers

I’ve posted 9,875 more feedback there I’ve received, which works out to I posted 20% more then I’ve received, or on average for every 6 posts I make, I get 5. On average buyers only post 79.5% of the time. That’s 1 out of 5 does not post anything.

Seller to Buyer ratio is 128.9 : 1, or I do about 130 times more seller transaction than I do as a buyer.

Of my Feedback Score, selling accounts for 95.75% and buying for 0.74%.

eBay has a math problem

The number do not add up. The received as seller & as buyer numbers add to 41,583, but the total feedback received was 48,148. This leaves 6,565 (13.6%) in feedback received that was not included in the seller / buyer numbers. I am assuming it’s from before a time when eBay tracked the as.

More Transactions?

Is eBay missing transactions on the transaction count? I ask only because here again the math does not add up. How is it possible that I’ve posted more feedback than I’ve done transactions by 9,656?

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