As of today (June 29, 2017) I’ve been on eBay 18 year 8 months and a few days, or basically 18-3/4 years. In that time I have sold all sorts of items, from computer supplies, to packing peanuts, to a car, to air, to a membership to an RV resort. In short I’ve sold just about anything I could on eBay.

I’ve shipped via UPS and USPS to all 50 US States, and all the US postal codes, territory, and other USPS addresses. Plus I’ve shipped to many countries world-wide, at one point I kept count, but have since lost count.

I even shipped to remote Island countries thousands of miles from anywhere and to Antarctica…

That is 5 Oceans and 7 Continents.

In those 18+ years I’ve received 48,128+ Feedback comments on eBay. And while the past year was only a few at 426, I’ve in the past had 1000+ in a month.